I've purchased an annual plan can I cancel and get a refund?

For annual plans we consider refunds within the first 15 days of purchase only.

To receive a refund you must first turn off the auto-renewal of your plan, here’s how:

  1. Sign into your account: SIGN IN
  2. Go to your your account > MY ACCOUNT
  3. From there, click Subscriptions > Cancel

  4. Follow the prompts  
Once done, please submit a support request through this help desk detailing the following:

  • Account Name/Business 
  • Your First and Last Name
  • Email Address that is associated with the account. 
  • We will process the request within 24-48 hours and verify cancellation and refund.
  • If we do not get the following information or a request, we unfortunately have no way to process your request. 
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